Ending the night with some endless space & awesome art. This feels appropriate, now that Chris is back home. Thanks for the run man!


"The Inner Senshi & The Outer Senshi" by Trungles

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Apollonia Saintclair 335 - 20130328 Les mystères de Barcelone I (The mysteries of Barcelona I)


Graham Pilling - Enterprise Down

Gallery 1988 - Bad Robot Artshow

For Bad Robot, an artshow on JJ Abram’s works, at Gallery 1988: LA ! 
Check some selected works here :

I’ve been watching so much Star Trek TNG lately, it’s like I’m obsessed!! So obsessed I sort of want this on my wall…l

Chapel by Roy Santua


Mess VI. 2012.


gotta love his lines & layers ♥

The Mad Hatter by Johnny Dombrowski

Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition posters done for Dark Hall Mansion. Check out Johnny’s tumblr if you want to follow some more awesomeness!!

SUPERMAGICAL by Soojin. Oh Gosh, look at Sam’s dress! It really shows off his ginormous figure XD Get it for just $5 at her shop

by LunchBreath I should be working on thesis. I should be coming up with awesome character designs for next semesters comic project. I should be having fun drawing fanart of all my favorite shows.

I don’t know why I’m not doing anything. This whole break I’ve done nothing. Tomorrow I’ll change my tune. Hardcore drawing schedule now in place! We’ll see if I can follow through…

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Moon Maiden & Side Salad by Bruce Holwerda; works for sale for $75 on his website.

Such beautiful use of color and brush stroke, my goodness. Someone needs to teach me how to paint like this!

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